Flame is the first step in trying to teach my kids some heavy weight educational knowledge.

It all began when I heard my kids say somethimg that was very wrong. I guess those ideas came from the conventional education system, so I wanted to give them better tools for logical thinking, skepticism and the power to ask questions.
I searched the internet for videoes or applications for their age (kindergarten ages) but I couldn't find anything appropriate. Then I decided to create an interactive book to pass on my educational messages.

I did not know much about this area, but as before it was an opportunity to learn something new.
The process was shared from the beginning, step by step, starting from building the concept, drawing the images, choosing the developing platform, writing the code and finally uploading it to the applications stores.
This application is the final result of my learning process.

I used PhoneGap in writing the code. It can be done in HTML5 and then compiled it to the different platforms.
The explanations are in Hebrew but it is free to copy and translate as long as you link back to the original article.
The tutorial, in my opinion, can help other people who are taking their first steps in developing mobile applications for all platforms with the help of PhoneGap.


DateJuly ,2013

TechnologyHTML5 PhoneGap

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