Bake a Book

Creator Yariv.A
Date Jul ,2014
Technology HTML5 PhoneGap


About the app

Not only a coloring book.

The application provides a path for creativity and imagination as well as a tool for thought and emotional expression. At the end of the creative process you receive a unique product as a keepsake for yourself or sharing.

This set of pictures was drawn by the talented Marina Meikler.
The facial expressions of the characters aren’t definitive so they do not set the scene or chracter emotions. The user can project and express his internal thoughts and emotions as inspired by the anthroposophical education method.

The game is suitable for a wide range of ages according to the level of ability and understanding; also it is great for adults who wish to create a unique story for their children, sharing messages in the form of a fable or other unique ways.
Imagination knows no boundaries!

The full version of the app is available for a trial period of 15 days.

  • The user can choose from a series of coloring pages from a page book.
  • The pages can be ordered in a way that creates a logical story for the user.
  • The pictures can be colored using the image editor.
  • You can record audio for each picture and describe what’s happening.
  • A simple user interface, usually without text, suitable for any age and language.

Software policy and licensing instruction

The only personal information revealed during use of the program occurs once the final creation of the book is completed and sent to the server. This delivery is done through an HTTP communication protocol similar to the one used by browsers and websites (such as revealing IP addresses).

Additionally there is a need to add an email address so that the server, after processing the data, will send a link to your video download. This video clip and the email of the sender will be kept on the server only for 14 days; afterwards they will be deleted without an option for recovery.

Versions History

Sep 02, 2014 - First release for Windows App Store.

My personal story - Squirrels and Ants

One day I saw my four year old daughter sitting alone flipping through a book and telling herself a story.
The story she told herself was inspired by the drawings she saw in the book, a simple story about squirrels.
As I approached I noticed that the story was suitable for older ages and that the drawings actually depicted ants.

As a freelancer I chose to dedicate my time and effort on this subject at the expense of other occupations in order to create a polished quality application without distractions.
Beyond the technical matter of developing a program, I cooperated with a talented artist who knew to bring the scenes to life in her best unique style.
I worked hard so that the program would be suitable, useful and educational without qualms about my own time and budget as a lone developer.

I hope you will enjoy using the application!
Yarriv A.