From Within My Drawer

Creator Yariv.A
Date Nov ,2011
Technology C# ASP.NET Dynamic Website

Launch Project -

About this project

This project is a user-generated content dynamic website.

users enter any legitimate and original content, images, texts, stories, songs, directories and earn money from Google Adsense.

  • Registration and uploading content for free.
  • Most of the advertising revenue alongside the posts goes to the content creator.
  • Simple interface for entering rich content and images.

My personal story

I was writing this website mostly while sitting on a train.

I was working as a software developer in a small start-up company, and at the first few months I lived quite far from my work. I decided the daily journey time would be time well spent on an idea I had.

I have for time to time some ideas that I want to share, some art to show, some DIY guides etc. The problems was that these subjects were not related to one another. I didn't want to create website for each subject, I didn't want to be commited to post period articles, and I was very annoyed with sites that allowed me to publish my posts for free - I mean that the content is valuable if it is original and high quality, why should I give it away for free? Those websites should pay the users for content and not "allow" them to publish for free.

I checked with Google if it is allowed to show ads of other person in my site and it is allowed. From there I continued developing the site and now allows users to publish their content and show their AdSense ads 90% of the time. In time it may change but the conditions for those who signed up for it will never get worse and never less than those of newer users.

Before creating this site I did not had any experience in building dynamic sites. This site content is mostly in Hebrew. You are welcome to translate any content and link back to the site unless it is stated otherwise in the article's body.