Meydata App

Creator 1st version Yariv.A
Owner MeyData
Date Jul ,2016
Technology HTML5 PhoneGap

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About the app

MeyData App connects people.

MeyData is a community platform that mostly operates locally in Israel. This App provides means for individuals and families alike, to interact, share and connect, in their natural community / environment. This versatile app can interface with web sites, as well as with its integrated mobile responsive site, based on a unified proprietary system.

This enables users, administrators and content managers to very easily upload and use very different types of data, in mostly fast, simple and reliable ways.

Versatility is realized in secure, personalized, friendly and advanced functional modules, all applied in the very original coding that comprises the platform.

This results in a very, rapid, responsive and stable integrated system, serving the community and its members, on a day to day basis.